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Sell and Rent Back

Perfect solution for many home owners 

You may be aware of the equity release concept.

Sell and rent back is like equity release - but a lot less complicated and much simpler.

You can sell your house and then rather than moving out, you can rent the same house back. That way you can save yourself the stress of moving. You can live in your property for as long as you like - as long as you continue to enjoy living there.

The sell and rent back solution is ideal for many home sellers who need to sell but do not want to move. This could either be because they do not have the next property sorted out yet, do not want to leave the area (due to schools or public transport), or simply do not want neighbours or friends become aware that the property had to be sold.

All sell and rent back clients can even have an option to buy the same property back at a future date if they wish - at no extra cost.

Our buy back option is ideal for those home owners who must pay off their creditors now but feel that they will soon be in the position to buy the property back. That way they can continue to live in the same property on a rent back basis - until they buy it back.

However if you simply want to take our sell and rent back offer without the buy back option then that is fine too.

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