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Repossession Due to Missed Mortgage Payment: Are Govt Schemes Working?

Remember: Most repossessions can be stopped

Government has launched numerous schemes designed to help people facing repossesion of their homes.

The tax payer has generously funded these schemes with almost £200 million to date. This should help many people to keep roof over their heads. People ahve high expectations, and rightly so. The schemes are

  • Mortgage Rescue Scheme
  • Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme
  • Support for Mortgage Interest, and
  • Pre-Action Protocol

But the big question is:

Is any one taking notice?

Are these schemes working?

First appeared on BBC oline, we have a story of some one who is literate, educated and understands the system. He worked for financial institurions in the City of London as a project manager. He is amused and baffled that his own lender has failed him. Govt schemes have not helped.. so far.

We have an audio commentary for you to listen and make up your own mind. Up the volume of your computer, and click on Play button to start.





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