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Sale Process

We use specialist teams of solicitors and other professionals to complete the purchase of your property in shortest possible time - or to your time sales. 

Following steps are required to complete the sale:

  1. Submit property: Submit your property details to the best of your knowledge  here. Please double check your contact details (phone/email) as this is the only way we will get in touch with you in the first instant.
  2. We contact you: Some one from our office will contact you within one working day via phone. That way we are also able to do some preliminary research for house prices and rental demand.
  3. Property viewing: We may arrange to visit your property for viewing - although it is not always necessary.
  4. Offer: You will receive an offer from us soon after. Please note that you are under no obligation to accept our offer.
  5. Survey: Once you accept our offer, we will instruct the survey of your property. We always use independent RICS qualified surveyors.
  6. Solicitors appointed: If you do not have your own solicitors then we can recommend the ones you can use. We will even pay your legal costs on completion (up to a maximum). Once appointed, solicitors start the conveyancing process immediately.
  7. Legal paperwork: Both you and us must complete, sign and send the legal paperwork to respective solicitors quickly for a speedy completion.
  8. Exchange & completion: Once signed paperwork received, both solicitors exchange contracts. Completion takes place soon after (Note: our solicitors can even exchange and complete the sale on the same day for speed).
  9. You get your money: Our solicitors send the agreed sale price to your solicitors on the day of completion. Your solicitor will pay off any outstanding mortgage & secured loans and send the remaining proceeds to your bank account.

... simple as that!

Normally this process does not take longer than 4 weeks. However delays can be caused if forms aren't sent on time. Local authorities can also delay the returning of local search results to solicitors (like water risk to property, highway planning, coal mining etc).

However our solicitors are used to keeping tight deadlines. In exceptional circumstances, local authority searches can be circumvented if speed is of essence. This helps us to help you!

Flexi completion:
If you are in no particular hurry but want peace of mind that sale will complete to your time scales (e.g. you are emigrating or moving to new area or a new house on a certain date) then that is fine with us too. We can schedule the exchange and/or completion date to accommodate you.