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A Worked Example

Let us assume that your house is valued at £150,000. You decide to sell the house via an estate agent.

As you probably know, it is a slow market and houses are taking far longer to sell. But let's say that the estate agents manage to find a buyer within their 3 month contract period. This means that from the moment your estate agent starts marketing the property till solicitors complete on the sale and mortgage is paid off and the excess money arrives in your bank account, it will be about 6 months

Of course the above also assumes that the buyer conducts the survey, gets the mortgage offer on time. This also assumes that if buyer is selling his own house, that transaction in the chain goes smoothly too.

Here is a comparison of the house selling costs via an estate agent vs. Instant Angels (which is us).

House Selling Costs Example

Value of the house: £150,000

Usual Costs

Via us

Estate Agent's fee (1.5% +VAT)



Mortgage interest payments (6 months @5%pa)



Solicitors fees (incl. searches etc)



Inducements for buyer to make positive decision (decorating, incentives etc)



Hidden Costs (home insurance, council tax, bills... till you move out)



Home Information Pack or HIPs



Total cost of selling

£11237 None

This is a serious chunk of money that often stays under the radar for most property sellers.


But also do not forget:

  • How much time you will spend preparing the property to sell (decorating, fixing, cleaning etc)
  • Countless viewings by strangers... and feedback from estate agents (often negative)
  • Buyers have a vast choice of properties and therefore they will make reduced offers. Prices have already dropped by 20% from their peak in August 2007. And genuine buyers are already making offers of 80-85% of the asking price any way (even less). This is current UK average. And then you have to pay estate agent's fee on top.
  • If offer not accepted then start all over again.
  • If you accept the offer then hold your breath and wait anxiously for the sale to complete. Be aware that many sales are falling through at the last minute because buyer does not have enough deposit... can't raise mortgage... getting cold feet at the last minute... or can't sell his own house... etc.
    • Many buyers are becoming increasingly nervous buying properties in the current economic climate. And for the seller, this means: start all over again.

Here are the benefits of selling your house to Instant Angels:

  • Guaranteed Offer, quickest way to sell the house
  • You save money (selling costs above).
  • You save the enormous hassle of selling the house.

In short, if we can shake hands on the deal then be certain that we will buy the property - and you can have money in your account within weeks. We offer the quickest way for you to sell the house.

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