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Selling Your House Fast - What Are Your Options?

Once a decision is made, every seller wants to sell their house fast. And every one wants to get top price. What are your options? 

There are all sorts of reasons why some one will want to sell their house fast. In fact every one who has decided to sell wants to sell their house fast.

There are two types of sellers

  1. People who are selling willingly and can wait if need be
  2. People who are not selling entirely due to their own will. They feel that they have to sell for reasons including family isues or even financial stress.

Willing Sellers

Growing families often need bigger homes. Once children get into secondary schools, they expect, even demand, their own rooms. Therefore parents sell their house to move into a bigger one.

Many people move because of job relocation. Aspirational families like to move to areas perceived to be more exciting, quieter or even affluent. 

These type of sellers can often wait for a buyer who will pay the asking price for their property.

Not So Willing Sellers 

Many people feel that they have to sell their house fast. Their reasons may be personal, illness, family breakdown or financial duress, or even an existing buyer pulling out at the last moment. These home owners may not be able to wait long enough for a buyer to pay the full market price for their property.

So they turn to professional property investment companies for a fast sale of their property.

Whatever the reason for sale, it's easy enough to find a purchaser to offer you a quick sale.

Benefits of Selling to a Professional Company

The major benefit of deaing with a cash buyer is speedy sale.

Professional buyer is not concerned with the colour of your wallpaper or condition of the kitchen or bathroom. They don't have to arrange a second or even third viewing or discuss options with their other half.

Professional property investors buy property week-in and week-out and are used to see through the cluttered rooms or unkept garden. They are well versed with raising finance quickly and very few deals fall through for that reason alone. Any delays related to part of the chain are unknown because they do not have to sell their home to buy this one. Lastly, their solicitors are well versed with the fast completion process so the whole thing often takes 4 weeks (even less) from start to finish.

The cherry on the cake is: if you ask nicely, buyer will even agree to pay seller's all legal fees as well - which helps the transaction to complete even quicker.


There is one drawback. Professional buyers do not pay retail price for the property. Being a business, they pay trade prices.

However, the speed and ease of the transaction makes for a compelling argument for the use of a property investment. Many sellers opt for this option to sell their house fast.


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