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Repossession Process Explained

House repossessions can be stopped - even at the last moment

Getting the family house repossessed is one of the worst experiences in life. Many people still recall how close they came to getting their homes repossessed in early 1990s. Scars of eviction are likely to last a life time.

However a lot can be done even after the possession order has been granted by court.

In this recorded article, we discuss the repossession process from start, and more importantly how the repossession can be avoided - even at the last moment.

2 Families, 24 hours
We discuss a couple of cases where home owners were able to avert repossession even though the court has already directed bailiffs to evict them from property and change locks. In one case the physical eviction was merely 24 hours away and in other bailiffs were waiting outside the house.

Right information at the right time is key in averting nightmarish scenarios. This recording gives that information to anyone opportunity to learn more about how to avoid house repossession.

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