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Stopping Repossession - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most home repossessions can be stopped! 

How quickly can the repossession be stopped?

It can be stopped even at the last moment. Remember, the courts are often sympathetic to the borrower. If you have a legitmate case then the courts can postpone the repossession to another date.

Generally they require evidence that a seller or funding is in place.

With us, funding can be made available as quickly as within 24hrs

I've been given a court date what does this mean?

It can mean various things. Generally speaking, you may need to go to the court if lender has applied for possession order. Court would generally want to hear form you before giving the possession order. In the first event, it will more likely be suspended possession order.

If the possession order has expired, then lender will ed to apply for a possession warrant. This is when court will decide whether the warrant should be given to lender. This basically means the eviction date (when bailiffs turn up to change locks).

What is a suspended repossession order?

This means that court expects you to agree a payment schedule to reduce the mortgage arrears balance. In other words, court gives you a chance to sort things out.

However, if you do not keep with the court ruling, then lender can apply for a repossession order. Unless you have a genuine reason,  courts will probably grant it to the lender.

How long does it take to stop the repossession?

It really depends upon any applicant's individual circumstances. It is possible that it can be done within a few days with the help of a competent legal team.

How can Instant Angels help?

We have a track record of stopping repossessions. Our legal teams have plenty of experience in this matter and have averted repossessions on the day bailiffs were to turn up (althoug that is an extreme case and we do not recommend leaving things that late).

What exactly Instant Angels do to stop repossession?

Courts want to see the evidence that there is a buyer in place and he is willing to pay a price that will cover all arrears or any outstanding debt (and costs) of the lender. 

If you decide to see the property to us then we can provide that evidence to the  court. We will also do necessary paperwork to satisfy court's required criteria. That way our legal team will get time to be able to complete the purchase of your property. 

How much will it cost me?

We pay all the legal costs (within limits).


Are you worried that your house may be repossessed? 

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