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Equity Release Schemes

Why to consider this option, its advantages and disadvantages

Many people consider this option when they are nearing retirement age, or are already retired. They often find themselves ina situation where their house is almost free from any mortgage. It has gone up in value over the last few years. So they are sitting on an expensive asset but can not spend  the money. One alternative they consider is equity release.

This option allows them to get the cash out of the value of their house but also allows them to continue to live there too.

The reasons for considering such an option are varied, but include:

  • Asset Rich but Cash Poor: You are living in a house that has gone up considerably in value over the last few years. You would like to exchange the equity in your home for a better quality of life. This can be done by either a lump sum of money or a regular income.
  • Helping the Family: You may want to help pay deposit to help your son or daughter on the housing ladder, contribute towards their wedding or help pay your grand child's education.
  • To Avoid Nursing Home Costs: Equity many people have built after their life time of hard work can be used to cover their nursing home fees. However their neighbours, who remained on benefits all their life, can claim the same standard of nursing care at the taxpayers expense. Considering this to be unfair, many people release the equity from their houses to use it elsewhere rather than handing over to authorities.
  • To Avoid Death Duties/Tax: There are more retired people in UK as a percentage of total population than at any time in modern history. Government sees this group as a rich source of income (tax) because they have built up the assets with hard work. Many people release their equity within their own lifetime before stealth taxation is enforced on their estate.
  • Release Equity Without Leaving Home: Many people have lived in the same house or area for many years and built up the family and emotional ties. They have far too many happy memories to leave behind and therefore can not imagine living elsewhere. So they prefer to release the equity that allows them to stay where they are.
  • Essential Home Improvements: Maybe there are basic improvements and repairs that have been neglected for a long time. It could be a new conservatory, double glazing, central heating, security or fire safety improvements, roof repairs, etc.  Such expenses can be difficult on a pension, equity release can be a credible answer.

There are many different equity release plans available, some good, others not.  They are known as all sort of names, like 'equity release scheme', 'lifetime mortgage', 'home reversion' and 'home income plan'.

It can be difficult to determine which schemes are good, and how to determine 'value for money'. They are often complicated even for experts to determine the 'true cost' of such schemes.

We at Instant Angels offer a refreshing alternative to these schemes.  You can simply sell the property quickly and get far more equity (or profit) out than a traditional equity release scheme will allow.

Major advantage: You have no responsibility for general maintenance of the property. 

Here is how our solution can serve you better than a typical equity release scheme:

Typical Equity Release Problems

Our Easy, Hassle Free Solution

You want quick access to cash tied in your property

  • A guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours
  • Cash in your bank within 4 weeks
You do not want to pay expensive fees
  • Our service is completely free to you
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  • No complicated small print. Our solution is quick and hassle free 
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed from our end
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  • We will pay best trade prices for your house
  • We will determine rental figure based on your affordability


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