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How to Sell Your House Fast

Ordinarily, most people take their time to decide whether to sell their property or not. After all selling is not a decision taken lightly. Home owners are generally are put off by the hassle associated with the move.

However, as soon as they decide to sell, they want to sell the house fast as they can - as long as the price is right.

However, not many properties sell at a price that the home owner considers 'right'.  Various studies show that most people often consider their house to be worth more than what the potential buyer considers it to be. And that is why many properties stay on market for prolonged periods.

Every property has a buyer - but not every buyer pays the asking price. The price paid, and the time taken to sell a property, largely depends on the supply and demand ratio in that area.

However the good news is: properties do not have to take for ever to sell. And they do not have to sell at the rock bottom prices either.  If you are a home owner wanting to sell your property fast, then you need to read the following tips. They will help you to achieve higher price for your property.

Top Tips to Sell the House Fast

Try to do a little home work before you show your house to the client. Due to the little changes that you have made there may be an increase in the price of the property.

  • When a buyer visits your house he will not look at the tools, dirty washing, kid's toys etc.
  • Be realistic: Most buyers do not expect your house to look like a show house (unless it is brand new) but they will certainly expect you to make an effort to show its full potential.
  • If you have collectibles or hobbies then better pack them away as buyers may not be able to imagine themselves in that environment. 
  • Women are sharp: The buyer may bring his girlfriend or mum to see the property. And women have an uncanny ability to spot the dirt from a hundred paces. They will see every nook and corner of the house, before deciding to purchase the house. So try to keep your house clean if you want to increase the value of your house.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are where you will find the maximum dirt. Try to clean them in a proper way. A new shower curtain and fresh towels will help you a lot.
  • Drive by Test: Most people will see the property for the first time driving by and so they will not waste their time viewing if it's not what they want from outside. So it would be nice if you tidy up the lawn, mow the grass, trim any bushes and paint faded window trim.
  • If they don't get a good feel when they enter the house they will not buy your house - simple as that. If your entrance is warm and welcoming they will get that feeling.
  • Hire the furniture: If your property is empty, buyer may not be able to imagine how it could look furnished. Some people go to the length of renting or borrowing furniture so that the property looks more homely.
  • If people are paying for a three bedroom house they expect to see three bedrooms, not two bedrooms and a storage room. Try to rearrange the bedroom cabinets and kitchen closets.
  • Create space: If you are using a bedroom as a laundry room or storage room they try to put a sofa bed so that you gain a comfortable place to sit and still give the appearance of a bedroom.
  • Do make minor repairs like fix leaky faucets, replace burned out light bulbs, clean out cobwebs, wash the windows inside and out, patch holes in the walls, and replace counter tiles.
  • Rearrange stuff: Remove all the unnecessary items like remove the overflowing books from bookcases, and clean the kitchen counters.
  • When you are cleaning the house and find some unwanted things then just donate or throw them. Pack up all the junk. Put all the essential items that are used daily in a cabinet.

If you follow some of these tips then you will be able to impress the buyer and even sell your own house fast.  Buyer may think that you do take good care of your home and will be impressed.

Remember, small things matter the most when buyer visits your home. You never know what will appeal to the buyer the most.


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