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Thousands of Welsh Home Owners Facing Eviction

According to a recent report, up to 2000 people in Wales could be evicted in the next couple of months.

At a time when most people are looking forward to Christmas, the last thing on the monds of these families will be the festivities of the season

The main reason behind so many people facing bleak and traumatic winter, according to Wales online, is mortgage arrears and the threat of repossession by lenders. The problem is - a large number of these people are not deemed to be eligible for the housing by local authorities.

Local authorities, in turn say that they would like to help everyone but they have limited funds as there have been wholesale welfare cuts in current economic downturn.

If you live in Wales and facing housing problems then Welsh Shelter can be contacted here

However if you would rather sell your house before lenders can get you then you contact us. We can help you to sell the property fast. We may even pay your mortgage payments.

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